Yoga its types and benefits!


The health benefits of yoga

Yoga its types and benefits – Yoga is a popular sport recently due to its many benefits on the body and important effects on the psychological and mental comfort of a person. There are many types of yoga, which makes choosing a specific type a task almost impossible, so we will review today through this article the most important 4 types of yoga and the most famous ones in order to choose what suits you.

The health benefits of yoga

What is yoga?

Yoga is known as a sport, but its origins date back to Hindu religious practice. Its primary goal as the sport of merging the mind and body into one homogeneous unit and the word yoga means the unity of thought.

Yoga is done without using any sports equipment, and it brings many benefits to the body. The West knew it in the nineteenth century when yoga teachers began moving to the West, attracting a number of followers.

Yoga its types and benefits

Yoga benefits

Fat burning and weight loss
Renewing positive energy in the body
Immune boost
Protection from diseases
Treating some conditions such as joint pain
Psychological comfort and a sense of inner peace

Types of yoga


1- Hsa Yoga

This name is given to the types of yoga that teach specific movements and poses. Most types of yoga are considered a type of Hasa Yoga.

2- Ashtanga Yoga

Ashtanga yoga is the ancient teachings of yoga, and the practice was transferred in the 1970s to the west. This yoga is considered so precise that its position is deliberately sequential and the breathing method is accurate so you need extensive training.

The health benefits of yoga

3. Karam Yoga

Also, knowledge of hot yoga is a type of yoga practiced in a hot room like a sauna. During the 26-position yoga series, a person will sweat enough to get rid of toxins, soften the body and lose weight as well.

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4. Vinyasa Yoga

Vinyasa is a Sanskrit word that refers to some of the situations that are taken in this delicate type of yoga. The instructors of this yoga are designing dances that aim to move seamlessly between positions, and music is placed during a yoga session.




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