What Is Web Application Architecture? Components, Models, And Types


We’ll cover the basic concepts of any modern web application and explain how the architecture patterns may differ depending on the application you’re building. Architecture is like a skeleton, you can’t change the skeleton when it’s already developed and has no scalability presupposed. Another vast 2021 trend is 24/7 virtual assistance support widely applied among leading B2C enterprises for a higher customer satisfaction. Integrated with Artificial Intelligence , these bots are able to self-learn and extend their databases to fulfill tasks more efficiently. Thus, enterprise web application architecture integrating virtual assistance will boost up the client service. Multi-page applications are more popular on the Internet since all the websites used to be MPA in the past. These days, companies choose MPAs in case the solution is pretty large .

  • Web application architecture is a foundation of your solution, so it must receive a considerable share of attention.
  • The server side alone has to support many desktop and mobile browsers, be integrated with APIs, accommodate a lot of functionality, and connect to a database.
  • Whenever you visit a website by clicking a URL, a request is sent to the server.
  • The UI of this web application is delivered via a rich JavaScript application, and it resides in the user’s browser over various interactions.
  • This is done by enticing native apps to implement ordinary JavaScript and HTML and creating a native-like experience.

As everyone is on the web these days, most developers are looking to benefit from web apps and attract as many users as possible via opportune offerings. A specialized web application may need up to 6 months for its completion. We have already developed a number of applications under commercial license. We develop web applications by using the world-known server side language scripting of PHP, pointed to specifically in Object Oriented Programming philosophy. It may have infinite possibilities however the key to success lies in the requirements’ analysis step as well as the model design we’ll use on each application. From a management perspective, I was looking for a framework that boosts the team’s productivity, is easy to learn and allows us to scale. Vaadin comes with 45+ UI components that help you build consistent UIs fast.

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Monolith functionality, you now have small teams of 3,5,10 people building a single service. Additionally, apps can present the other two components, which are responsible for additional features in the application and performance monitoring. UI/UX. Generally, these components are responsible for presenting a visual layout for the web application. They are connected to apps’ functionality but don’t interact with architecture. After all, architecture is not something that is easily changed later on – so it’s worth taking your time to find the right combination. Each technology adds a level of abstraction that makes web application prototyping and development faster and the web applications themselves more maintainable, scalable, and robust. As the components has been used by other applications, the chances of facing any issues in the new application development is very less.

We will explore what is web application architecture, its main components, the types of web application architecture, as well as web server architecture types. Get a good understanding of web application architecture with our comprehensive guide. Briefly, the web application architecture is a “skeleton” or layout that displays the interactions between application components, middleware systems, user interfaces, and databases. This kind of interaction allows a number of applications to work together simultaneously. Application logic is segregated into small functions or microservices and uploaded to the cloud provider.

Types Of Web Application Architecture

Hybrid apps work similar to a Web app but are installed to the device as a native app would be. Hybrid apps can also take advantage of device-specific resources by using internal APIs. Downloaded native apps can sometimes operate offline; however, hybrid apps don’t have this functionality. A hybrid app will typically share similar navigation elements are a Web app since they are based on Web apps. Native applications are applications typically downloaded and made specifically for the type of device it is downloaded on.

Web server facilitates website traffic, which is not very resource-intensive. However, app servers enable longer running processes that are resource-intensive. This is done by enticing native apps to implement ordinary JavaScript and HTML and creating a native-like experience. The web application server forwards the command to the requested server. They allow a bigger variety than SPAs and are easier to optimize.

Web Server Architecture

Most importantly, progressive web apps can reach a very wide audience . NoSQL is considered for large scale projects because Pair programming of its higher flexibility and scalability factor. You can also consider a replicable database for better load handling.

components of web application

You’ve been tasked to develop or completely redo the website for your company. That sounds simple enough, but when you start talking with a developer they bring up complex-sounding requirements like a Web Application Architecture.

Web Application Architecture Diagram

As soon as you’ve decided to build an app, the next step is to choose the right mobile development approach.With such a variety of options offered out there, it is… A web application’s success is closely connected to its architecture — more precise web application architecture — more rapid and secure web-based communication for users. Your app may work even without a good web architecture, but it’ll be head and shoulder above other web applications with a precise architecture. When you build an SSR app, the server compiles all the data and serves up a new HTML document on each request.

components of web application

Unlike server-side rendering, isomorphic web architecture provides quick data updates, responsiveness and multiple UI/UX options. It ensures quicker rendering when the server is loaded, as the processed code is transferred to the client. And unlike client-side rendering, it grants an instant display in the browser, user-friendly routing, SEO and linkability.

Ruby On Rails Web Application Development

Talking about the very basic web principles we usually mean the client-server architecture. A client requests content from a server, where the business logic and a database are located. Using simple JavaScript, a static web page sends the request to a service . The service returns the data and displays an HTML page to the client. It is a framework that comprises of relationships and interactions between all the application components. We are talking about components like middleware systems, user interfaces, web servers, database servers, load balancers, and databases. This type of architecture web design is created in such a way that it requests the most necessary content and data.

components of web application

Finally, AngularJS web application architecture serves both as a platform and a framework for HTML and TypeScript. This type of web architecture relies on building blocks called NgModules. Among its key benefits is lazy loading, which improves user experience and reduces code size. As a more sophisticated type, a widget web app allows web application architecture for loading data without requesting the page reload. In this web application architecture type, widgets send AJAX queries and receive chunks of data in HTML and JSON. The downsides of the widget app are cybersecurity issues and long development time. This guide to web application development briefly covers the basics of the topic.

Web application architecture deals with the flow and communication of the entire application and handles the major aspects and components of the product. We hope that now you have understood the basics of Web Application Architecture. If you have any other questions regarding web apps, feel free to ask us. We are a mobile and web app development company with experience in developing 50+ web applications. We are the developers behind the most downloaded Spanish on-demand delivery app- Glovo.

There’s no such thing as a trusted site anymore – Techradar

There’s no such thing as a trusted site anymore.

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This architecture type is highly secure, since all the logics and data are stored on the server, and the user doesn’t have any access to it. This type of web app architecture consists of a Node.js-based server and a UI layer.

Single-page applications are built with JavaScript or TypeScript. To perform a user request, a web app doesn’t need to reload the entire page — only the relevant chunks of data are updated in response to the user’s actions.


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