A recent study revealed the nature of one’s personality, through the pet that breeds it, whether a dog or a cat, see what this study has achieved?

Is cat breeding better than raising dogs?

Some believe that people who are keen to raise one or more pets have common traits, which is different from what an American study revealed, highlighting a number of differences in personality, between a dog breeder and a cat-care rinser.
The study, conducted at Carroll University in The United States, found that cat owners are always very smart, compared to dog owners who are dynamic, social and have a love of adherence to rules and regulations.
“We find that people with cats are more likely to be isolated, have thin feelings and a high level of intelligence, and seem to like breaking the rules unlike dog lovers,” said Denise Goelsto, a researcher behind the latest study and professor of psychology.

The reason for the difference

Denise points out that the differences in characters between lovers of cat and dog breeding, it seems that the reason behind them, which enhances their presence over time, is the desire of dogs to always set off outside the house, allowing the owner to have short conversations with passers-by each time, which enhances his love for social appearance, unlike cats that prefer to stay at home, besides the owner who often cares for the same thing.

“Most of the time, a person chooses to raise a pet that is in line with their personality, so you find a person who likes to start and show up raising dogs, and the person who prefers to be quiet and sit at home raises cats,” says Denise.

It is worth mentioning that the results of this study may help veterinary experts, in finding effective psychological treatments for pets, by finding a common link between the animal itself and the personality of its breeder, noting that several previous studies have confirmed the psychological benefits of raising pets for humans, especially for children, as it helps them to take responsibility and increase their self-confidence, while also working to protect them from psychological crises that reach depression.

– Here we will show some things you should know before deciding what is best for you: raising dogs or raising cats.

The dog sitting near girl

Raising cats. Quiet fun:

20 people who can’t live without their furry buddies
• Cat rearing is the perfect choice for those looking for a self-relied animal and those who live a fast and crowded lifestyle.
• It is also suitable for those who lack large areas in their homes.
• Cats can entertain themselves and spend long hours sleeping.
• Cats don’t need to take them out on the street to have fun and get out of their energy.
• Cats need a certain degree of care and cleaning, especially long-haired species that may contain insects with no continuous cleaning.
• Cats do not need large spaces inside the house.
• Neighbors accept to host cats when you travel easily, unlike dogs, which is a very important point, for most breeders only when they really want to travel.

Dog-raising. Energetic fun:

• Dog breeding is the best option for those active people who are full of energy and vitality.
• Dog breeding is excellent for people who like to spend time outside with their animals.
• Dog breeding requires a lot of walking, fresh air, and play until the dog takes out its energy, and does not cause concern at home due to excessive activity.

• Dog breeding is not suitable for small-size houses, and the small garden house is very suitable for the dog.
• Dogs are travel-friendly animals, they like to change places, and many types of dogs are good at swimming, so it’s fun if you’re traveling to a place on the sea.
• Dogs need a special trip to obey your orders.
• Dogs may be dangerous to those around you, you must take responsibility for them, and know-how to make them obey you.• You may need to pay for a special dog trainer.
• Dogs are far from isolationist, so their upbringing is not suitable for business owners of a long-term and pressing nature.

• Dogs are very loyal to their owners, very amusing, and they have a very strong emotional relationship between them.
• You should take into account the very large differences between different and different dog breeds in size, qualities, and temperament. There are dogs smaller in size than cats, and there are those who reach the size of a newborn horse.


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