How to get rid of sweat under the armpits


Underarm Sweating Sweating helps maintain body temperature, and the most common places where a person sweats are under the armpits, hands, feet, head, and thighs, and the rest of the body remains dry. Sweating under the armpits causes embarrassment to the person because it leaves a mark on clothes.
In this article, we will talk about this problem more extensively.

Causes of excessive sweating, excess sweating are divided into primary excess sweating, and occurs as a result of increased activity of nerves stimulating the sweat glands, and thus increased sweat secretion, and the cause is often hereditary.

The second type is secondary excess sweating and is due to many factors and reasons, including:

Unexplained heat.
Increased thyroid activity.
Blood leukemia.
Certain medications, such as antidepressants.
Menopause. Obesity.
• Stress and anxiety.

How to get rid of sweat under the armpits :
There is a set of tips that must be followed in order to get rid of the smell of sweat under the armpits, including:
Bathing regularly. Keeping the body clean and dry is the main factor in controlling sweat under the armpits, and if that is difficult, it is best to wash the underarm area with soap and water once to twice a day. Be sure to completely dry the body before putting on clothes so that they do not sweat right after a shower.

Defining the problem :
Some people have a problem with the unpleasant smell of sweat, while others are caused by sweat stains on clothes, so the use of deodorant helps in removing the smell of sweat, but it does not prevent its secretion.
Using natural methods instead of using a commercial deodorant, such as: mixing equal amounts of baking soda and water until a dough forms under the armpits for 20-30 minutes, after which it is washed with water.
Apple cider vinegar, the medium in which bacteria that cause bad breath, can live under the armpits. Always wash the area under the armpits always before applying a special deodorant or powder, and do not put deodorant in the case of extreme sweat, because it will not help to mask the odor or reduce sweat.
Washing the clothes after each use, because the bad smell of sweat is not produced because of the sweat itself, but rather it is caused by the bacteria that cause it.
Wearing cotton underwear helps absorb excess sweat.
Removing armpit hair and shaving helps reduce sweat and odor. Diet change. In a scientific study, it was proven that onions, garlic, hot pepper, curry spice, cabbage, and broccoli cause a sulfur smell of sweat when it dries.
Exercise, and reduce the number of calories eaten per day to lose excess weight.
You can start hiking in the morning and evening and shower afterward.
Consult your doctor about medications that help reduce the rate of sweating in the underarms. Rubino is recommended for this.

Botox can also be injected in severe cases, which help control sweat under the armpits for a period of 6 months, taking into account the possibility that this treatment will not work.
Natural recipes to reduce underarm sweating Coconut oil recipe Under the armpits can be massaged with coconut oil, as this reduces excessive sweating in general, and the method for this recipe is:

[1] Ingredients :

Half a cup of ground camphor.
A cup of coconut oil.

How to prepare :
Add ground camphor to coconut oil, and stir until it becomes a firm dough. Put the previous dough on the areas you sweat from, massage it well, and leave it for an hour. Then the area is washed with water.
Black tea helps control excess sweat, and its method is:

[1] Ingredients :

Two bags of black tea.
• 3 cups of hot water.

How to prepare :
Casey placed black tea in hot water before it boiled. Then it is allowed to cool for 10-15 minutes. Then a cotton ball is dipped in tea, moisturizing underarm area.
Aloe Vera Gel Aloe Vera helps to cool down the skin and thus regulate excess sweat secretion due to heat, and its method is:

[1] Method of preparation:
Dip a cotton ball with Aloe Vera gel and place it on the underarm area.
How to make a home fragrance perfume You can make a home fragrance with simple ingredients, here is how it works:

[1] Ingredients:

• 3 teaspoons coconut oil.
• 2 teaspoons of shea butter.
• 3 teaspoons of soda carbonate.
• 2 teaspoons of arrowroot powder.
• 3 drops of lavender oil.

How to prepare :
Melt coconut oil with shea butter over the fire. Then remove the pot from the fire, then add soda and powder carbonate, and mix the ingredients together well. Then add lavender oil to the solution, pour it in a perfume container, and put it in the refrigerator to freeze a little.
Cases requiring a doctor’s review These cases warmed up to see an emergency doctor immediately, on condition of excessive sweating, namely:

• [2] Chills.
Chest pain
High body temperature above 40 ° C.

There are non-emergency cases that require a visit to the doctor, such as:
Suddenly noticing increased sweating of the body. If sweating hinders your daily activities. If you experience the problem of night sweats without any reason for this.


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