5 Wrong beliefs hinder weight loss


4-Drink warm water on an empty stomach

Some believe that drinking warm water on an empty stomach helps dissolve fat and dissolve into the urine, but this is not true. When water enters the body, it takes the body temperature and does not differentiate the body if it is cold or warm. On the contrary, drinking water in the morning on an empty stomach is good for the body and helps to flush out toxins and get rid of waste, but there is no evidence that it helps break up fat when taken warmly.

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5-Cabbage soup diet to burn fat

Cabbage soup diet is very widespread among women. In this diet, women do not eat any food other than cabbage soup for a whole week or more! Already there are some people who lose a lot of weight when you follow this diet, but this weight loss is temporary. Most of the weight loss is water and muscles, not fat, so just to go back to food again, we gain weight quickly. In addition, depriving the body of a whole week of different nutrients negatively affects health.