21 mistakes don’t fall into if you want to lose weight


weight loss

Only a few people succeed in losing weight after following a certain diet, and the worst of it is that those who can maintain their weight loss for a long time before gaining it again are less.
Olivia Tarantino, health and nutrition editor for Eat This Not That, says this is because of some of the harmful habits inherent in many of the new diets that sabotage the successful weight-loss process. And if you get rid of these habits, you will start the fat-burning process.

1- Do not miss meals

While skipping meals may seem like an easy way to eat less food, it will likely make you eat more later, so instead of skipping a full meal, consider eating some small snacks.

2- Don’t forget to drink water

Research has shown that people often respond to their thirst by eating rather than drinking because one part of our brain controls both responses, and it is best to keep your body hydrated because it helps make your stomach feel full, which may prevent you from feeling hungry.

3- Do not interrupt entire groups of foods

Don’t treat a whole food group as the bad guy in the diet. Unless there is a medical reason, do not do so, and while eating a lot of carbohydrate foods can actually lead to weight gain, cutting this food group completely from your diet can cause fatigue, irritability, and lethargy.